Mission of Urban Raccoon

Doing all the jobs to get the first challenges done, no overhead. Binding likewise minded urban raccoons :). In other words - bringing the team together, improving the concept, fixing the infrastructure and working on the results flow. At this phase,importance to Marketing Site, User Management and deployment of first platform services. We think it is very important to work together with customers from the beginning. However the most important job, is to complete excellent people and best available ressources, to keep autoflow an fantasitc place to hang out with. Be welcome to get in touch with and join the Urban Raccoon entourage.

Delivering high standard automated Workflows

Including Users and Stakeholders from first Steps

Avantgarde Mindest - it is about the Thing

Progressivley building up autoflow school

Urban Raccoon

Actual Phase

What is Urban Raccoon?
It is the Beta Testing phase we are running through and we welcome you to join us and use autoflow for free. Become a closer partner and use it for free at least for one year.
Where can I learn more about how to use autoflow?
Stay in personal contact with us and learn how to use the autoflow plattform at its best or even contribute with tips, requirements. If you think it will be great working with us, get even closer and lets talk about partnerships.
Autoflow School?
At its best, we are going to establish autoflow school, where new users get be thaught how to get value out of our services, become teachers and even help how to improve cutting the edges as well. Strongly we believe in active teaching and learning, that is the best way to work it out.
Where can I get more details?
Simple contact us by mail. Speak to torsten@autoflow.xyz or to marco@autoflow.xyz or just give us a call.
Open to new Services at the platform?
Within our initial Platform model we are surely open and greatfully welcome you to get in touch with us. Integrating new players and establishing new services is vital and that is basically the principle that autoflow follows, namely reffering to the Urban Raccoon phase.

Made for Makers

Come Closer

Next Phase

Monkeys Salon
Starting form Decembre 2017 we let first customers use autoflow. All Urban Raccoons will be allowed to use autoflow 100% free and will be able to charge their customers. Basically, if you are invited to Monkeys Salon, that means earing cash.
How to earn at Moneky Salon?
80% of the Cashflow of your Users, will be granted to you. Controll it @User Management
Use it for yourself?
Of Course 100% Free, once you are invited to Monkeys Salon.
New Developments
Introducing a new service, stabilzing the platform and welcome new users.

Some fun?


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