Our Mission

Bringing flow in your every day worklife using excellent structure and visual intelligence. Combining best ressources at a centralised joy is our mission, following consequent SaaS development school. Ready to host, view, ship and adding intelligence

Deliver a high standard Workflow

Support our customers from first steps

Streamline integrated visual web technologies

Pursue web-enabled markets for professionals

Come Closer


Who is behind autoflow?
From a peoples perspective, autoflow is a platform, where talented people come together lifting complexity to a simple stage of use. Living business, technology and innovation triple helix in our every day work life. Simply join us, there are no constraints among good, we do live an open organisation culture
The services!
The services respective the products on the platform will be expanded continuously, completing technologies
Actual developments?
Walking the Urban Raccoon Phase until 30.11.2017, for the first public release
Stake holders
Strategic partners, co-founders and members with foresight are welcome

Stay tuned

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